How Secure is Your WordPress Site? Only as Secure As You’re Willing to Make it.

WordPress Security

It’s no secret that websites are a favorite target for hackers. The ability to compromise a site through a plugin, unpatched security hole, contact form or a thousand other ways can open the door to a veritable online crime spree.  It’s also an unfortunate fact that WordPress sites are a favorite target for hackers. While … Read more

Enhancing Website Security and Performance

Security and performance

There’s a widely quoted and (typically misattributed) sentiment that works are never truly completed, only abandoned. This applies to website development as much as any other project but when it comes to the former, it is as much of a warning as a statement of integrity. A website that isn’t being actively maintained is a security risk and potential threat to an organization’s online presence, reputation and the data of their users and clients.

How Is Building a Site Like Flipping a House?

Snake Oil Salesman

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the successful completion of a web project requires more than just building a website: it is a balancing act of fulfilling a client’s expectations within a specific timeframe and budget and making sure it works across a wide array of browsers and devices.

WordPress Maintenance – The devil is in the details

By now everybody knows that their WordPress website needs maintenance. Like almost everything associated with tech, websites and their components are constantly changing, being modified and upgraded to fit the latest trends and technological advances. Having regular WordPress maintenance on your site is important for all the obvious reasons: core updates, plugin updates, error log … Read more

WordPress and Social Media for Small Businesses

In this day and age, quite literally everyone and their grandmother is on social media, including businesses like yours. Having an active social media presence is almost as important as having a website and a lot of consumers will question your legitimacy if that is not the case. Social media marketing can be a great … Read more

How To Choose a Web Developer? Part 3: What Makes a Company Different and Ongoing Support

In our first blog post about choosing a web developer, we highlighted the importance of communication and experience. In our last blog post about choosing a web developer, we covered the importance of working with a company that has high technical proficiency and business acumen. In this blog post we will look at what differentiates … Read more