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Web Hosting is such a confusing maze for most people outside the industry. When we first started Watermelon Web Works, we struggled with mass market hosts and wondered how it could be so difficult. We eventually found that we can work most efficiently and make the best use of client resources when we understand the what and why of the underlying server systems extremely well. This choice saves our clients time with configuration, speed, and the ability to do much more with much less. Not to mention avoiding the endless back and forth with support staff.  We can generally accommodate a much wider range of customization and optimization for individual client needs. That’s why we began hosting our client sites in dedicated data centers in 2006 and said goodbye to the incessant problems associated with mass-market shared hosting. Oh and yeah, our servers customized for WordPress are blazing fast.

I am constantly amazed by Watermelons ability to find creative solutions to our complex website needs. Their entire team is professional, smart, thorough and a pleasure to deal with.

-Mike S, Skutt

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Watermelon Web Works provides top-tier hosting for our clients.

We offer hosting packages to meet your resource needs.

Our hosting solutions are designed for the specific needs of WordPress and Magento websites. Our hosting rates start at just $9.95 per month. Every package includes 24 / 7 hosting support from knowledgeable, courteous engineers and technicians. We also back up your data multiple times daily and employ corporate grade firewalls and security software to keep your website safe, fast and reliable. Below is an example of some of our plan levels, cost, and disk space offered:

Edge 1: $9.95/mo
10Gb Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer

Edge 2: $19.95/mo
20Gb Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer

Edge 3: $29.95/mo
35Gb Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer

We offer domain registration costing $19.95 p/year ($14.95 p/year for more than one domain). This price may vary depending on the kind of domain name you wish to purchase. We do offer free transfer of your domain(s) from your current registrar to Watermelon Web Works.

If you would like us to work with you on your website, and are interested in hosting with us, you can set up your hosting account here

Web Hosting Availability

Note that our web hosting plans are only available to Watermelon Web Works web design and maintenance clients. We only host sites that we are very familiar with and can vouch for their quality of design and development. This also alleviates frustration and confusion that clients may experience when dealing with multiple web service companies by having only one company answer their questions regarding hosting, domain, and website design.

If you have any questions about our hosting, domain, and data center solutions, just drop us a line.

We also provide:

Web Design

Web Design combines aesthetics and functionality into one beautiful package. We make your website look amazing on large and small screens, all while keeping it easy to use and navigate.

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Web Development

Web Development involves taking a static design and turning it into a living, working website. We know the right platforms and technologies to use to build your website the right way.

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“Build it and they will come” isn’t a great marketing strategy. We ensure that your content is optimized for search engines. We’ll be sure to bring Google to your website.

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Website Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your website secure, working well and make small adjustments along the way. We check all the vital spots to make sure that you avoid big, costly fixes down the line. Our monthly Security & Performance plan will keep your website in tip top shape and improve your business at the same time.

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Judge Academy: All In One Integrated WordPress Site for Magic the Gathering Judges

Judge Academy serves as an important resource for judges of the immensely popular strategy card game Magic the Gathering. The centerpiece of the site is a series of LearnDash-based courses where current and aspiring Judges can enhance their knowledge-base and progress up to more responsibilities within the community. The courseware is integrated with a multi-language plugin to make it accessible to Judges all around the world.

Furthermore, the site allows judges to create tournaments and assign duties based on the skill level attained through the site’s courseware. These events are directly integrated into forums, where judges can discuss the events (as well as any other related topic) with collaborators and teammates.

This site is ever-evolving and growing.

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If we both decide it’s a good match, that’s great! The next step will be to get on a call with Jesse, our software architect, to discuss the finer details of your project. Jesse will take that information and distill it down into a detailed, line-item estimate that shows the exact time, cost, and technology required to complete your project.

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