The importance of logging out

Remembering the login and password information and having to type it in every time you come to a website might be one of the most annoying features of the internet. There are many great tools to help you remember your many passwords, like for example. But once you have logged in you want your … Read more

Why do WordPress websites get hacked? (part 2)

If you have not done so yet, please start by reading part 1 of this post so that you understand the motivations and techniques behind the attacks on your website. Now we are ready to discuss the various levels of protection you can surround your site with. All of these techniques address different aspects of … Read more

Why do WordPress websites get hacked? (part 1)

Hacking is a profitable business, illegal and profitable. Most business owners believe that the purpose of hacking a website is to steal information or money. Since they do not have anything valuable on the site, they feel like they are not the right target for an attacker. In reality, very few websites are subject to … Read more

Revitalize Your Site With A WordPress Theme Update

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) globally, powering millions of websites. One of the key elements that make WordPress so versatile is its extensive library of themes. A WordPress theme determines the overall look and functionality of your website. However, just like any other software, WordPress themes require regular updates … Read more

5 things to check for after your WordPress website has been hacked.

It can happen to anyone. Despite your best efforts your WordPress website can become compromised. Once you recover the content of your website and restore its proper functionality, here are a couple of other important things to check for to protect yourself from recurring attacks. Install a security plugin If you have not done so … Read more

Your WordPress Site – view under the hood

When choosing a new car, we focus a lot on finding the paint color we like and seat covers that fit our style. Everyone just assumes that the car is going to come with a functioning engine, air bags, suspension, onboard entertainment system etc. The same philosophy is often applied to building a new website … Read more

Dealing with Card Skimmers in Magento Platforms

Combatting Card Skimming in E-commerce During the Holiday Shopping Season As holiday shopping intensifies, so do the attempts by malicious actors to hack e-commerce sites. High traffic volumes during this period present prime opportunities for disruptions that can severely damage your business reputation and customer trust. Card skimming, traditionally a physical threat, has evolved into … Read more

How Secure is Your WordPress Site? Only as Secure As You’re Willing to Make it.

WordPress Security

It’s no secret that websites are a favorite target for hackers. The ability to compromise a site through a plugin, unpatched security hole, contact form or a thousand other ways can open the door to a veritable online crime spree.  It’s also an unfortunate fact that WordPress sites are a favorite target for hackers. While … Read more