Advanced intake forms with Gravity Forms

Company websites are often considered just a promotional tool. In reality a well designed website can improve your office productivity. How? Through carefully thought out intake forms. Gravity Forms allows for highly customized forms and accepts online payments from your WordPress website. It can create database records, pdf documents or even custom posts based on … Read more

Selecting the Ideal Payment Solution: A Comparison of Braintree and Stripe

As a website development company, we have successfully integrated various payment processing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses. A few of our highly preferred payment processors are Stripe and Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal. We’ve discovered that Braintree and Stripe offer benefits to businesses of all sizes, from large and complex businesses to … Read more

The importance of logging out

Remembering the login and password information and having to type it in every time you come to a website might be one of the most annoying features of the internet. There are many great tools to help you remember your many passwords, like for example. But once you have logged in you want your … Read more

The Email Deliverability Trifecta: DKIM & SPF and DMARC, Oh My!

email deliverability happiness

For WordPress website owners, ensuring that website emails as well as off-website emails reach their intended recipients is crucial for maintaining engagement and reputation. This brief guide covers essential email authentication technologies—DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and SMTP—that are essential to ensuring that your emails are accepted by their intended recipients. Essential Email Authentication Protocols DKIM (DomainKeys … Read more

Embracing AI in Web Development: A Glimpse into the Future

AI generated image of a robot building a website on a laptop at a desk.

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various industries is undeniable, and the realm of web development is no exception. As we delve deeper into the possibilities, it’s evident that AI is poised to revolutionize the way we approach building and managing websites. Incorporating AI into content creation is increasingly common, with tools like ChatGPT … Read more

GeneratePress: Templates With WordPress Blocks

WordPress is all-in on the block editor. There’s no going back. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of third-party editors like Elementor or WP Bakery, it has a few things going for it. Block data is encoded right into the post content, making block editor pages really fast. Data doesn’t get … Read more

Thinking About Building Your Own Website?

Considering creating a new WordPress website or hiring a website development team to create a personalized site for you? Whichever route you choose here are some things to consider: Purpose and Goals It’s important to clearly define the purpose of the website and establish specific goals. Whether it’s to sell products via e-commerce, provide information, … Read more