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Why Choose Watermelon Web Works?

Founded in 2002, Watermelon Web Works has mastered the art of crafting websites that not only look great but also drive real returns for our clients. We excel at integrating seamlessly with client teams and ensuring ongoing, transparent communication throughout every project.

We’ve built a vast array of websites, from high-traffic e-commerce platforms serving millions of users to tailored sites for boutique service professionals. While the technical aspects of web projects can be straightforward, we understand that frustrations often stem not from the quality of the work but from a breakdown in communication.

With Watermelon Web Works, you can put those concerns to rest. Our two decades of expertise in developing, hosting, migrating, and updating WordPress and Magento sites equip us to handle any challenge and ensure your project’s success. We recognize the crucial role of clear communication and commit to keeping you well-informed and promptly responded to at every phase of your project.

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Benefits to working with us

We’re almost legal drinking age

With over twenty years of experience in website development, we’ve mastered the art of ensuring smooth and successful web projects.

We value communication

Outstanding work loses its impact without proper communication. We ensure our clients are well-informed at every step, readily addressing any questions they may have throughout the process.

We provide expert services

For the past twenty years, our web design agency has gathered a diverse team of specialists in multiple disciplines. No matter your question or project needs, we have the expert you need, ready to assist you.

Our Services

Web Design

Web Design combines aesthetics and functionality into one beautiful package. We can make your website look amazing on large and small screens, all while keeping it easy to use and navigate.

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Web Development

Web Development involves taking a static design and turning it into a living, working website. We know the right platforms and technologies to use to build your website the right way.

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“Build it and they will come” isn’t a great marketing strategy. We can make sure your content is optimized for search engines to bring traffic from Google to your website.

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Website Hosting

A website needs somewhere to live, and your web host has a big impact on how well your site functions. Our hosting servers are reserved for our clients, and boast fast connection speeds and 99.9% uptime.

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Website Maintenance

Expert maintenance is the best way to keep your website working well and avoid big, costly fixes down the line. Our monthly Security and Performance plan will keep your website in tip top shape.

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Our Process

Initial Estimate and Kickoff

We work with you to understand your needs and build an estimate with descriptive line items detailing each individual part of the project.

Design and Development

Our design team will tailor the look and feel of your website, and then our developers will build to those exact specifications, utilizing best practices.

Launch and Maintenance

Once the all work is complete and we’ve performed our quality assurance reviews, we will launch your site and keep it running like clockwork.

Our Work

We are our own harshest critics and hold ourselves to the highest standards, and that mentality is reflected in our work. We’re stand behind each and every one of the websites we build, and are always proud to add the latest completed project to our online portfolio.

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Talk To Us

Ready to get started? When you fill out this form, we will review your project requirements to see if we’d be a good fit. Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll always receive a prompt response.

If we both decide it’s a good match, that’s great! The next step will be to get on a call with Jesse, our software architect, to discuss the finer details of your project. Jesse will take that information and distill it down into a detailed, line-item estimate that shows the exact time, cost, and technology required to complete your project.

Want to learn more or start the estimate process?
Contact us and learn more from Jesse!

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