The Email Deliverability Trifecta: DKIM & SPF and DMARC, Oh My!

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For WordPress website owners, ensuring that website emails as well as off-website emails reach their intended recipients is crucial for maintaining engagement and reputation. This brief guide covers essential email authentication technologies—DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and SMTP—that are essential to ensuring that your emails are accepted by their intended recipients. Essential Email Authentication Protocols DKIM (DomainKeys … Read more

Thinking About Building Your Own Website?

Considering creating a new WordPress website or hiring a website development team to create a personalized site for you? Whichever route you choose here are some things to consider: Purpose and Goals It’s important to clearly define the purpose of the website and establish specific goals. Whether it’s to sell products via e-commerce, provide information, … Read more

Are homepage sliders still in style?

Having a homepage slider, sometimes called a slideshow or a carousel, was considered a “must have” for all “modern” websites in 2010’s. Catchy images, call to action buttons on each slide, fancy animation. Styles, fashion, and needs change. The big sliders are officially considered outdated. Here are the reasons why: Does your homepage include a … Read more