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Company websites are often considered just a promotional tool. In reality a well designed website can improve your office productivity. How? Through carefully thought out intake forms. Gravity Forms allows for highly customized forms and accepts online payments from your WordPress website. It can create database records, pdf documents or even custom posts based on the user entries. Let’s imagine that you are signing players for a youth rec soccer team and look at some examples of how Gravity Forms can be a winner for your organization.

Custom PDF documents

With Gravity PDF a developer can generate a 100% customized pdf document using the information provided by the form. For example, after the parents enter the player information, with just one click you can receive ready made consent forms for the parents to sign, create a checkout form for the doctor to fill out, create a player record for your internal use and much more.

Conditional and Chained forms

Gravity Forms allows you to build a form flow that adapts based on the answers given. You can configure a different set of questions for a player applying to be a goalie than a striker. You can also chain forms together based on the information provided. For example, a first time player might need to fill out additional forms, whereas a returning player would not. All these features are available in the basic Gravity Forms plugin.

Nested Forms

Gravity Wiz offers this perk where you can include a subform inside your main form. The person filling out the form can enter as many items of the subform as they need. For example, if you are asking your player about their previous experience, you would not know how many teams they played on in the past. It can be awkward if you provide room on your form to list the past 2 teams your athlete played on. Some children might have never played before and others might have 10 years of experience. The nested form enables your player to decide how many entries they will provide for each of the categories.

Acknowledgements and Notifications

The text that is displayed to the person after the form has been submitted is called an acknowledgement. With Gravity Forms you can vary the text based on the details from the form entry. For example, you can add specific instructions to the parents based on the team their children are trying out for. A notification is the email that will be sent out after the form is submitted. One email can go to the parent with detailed information regarding the program and next steps for them to follow. You can also send separate notifications to your office staff, coaches, treasurer and only include the information that is relevant to them.

Custom Posts and new Users

Another amazing feature of Gravity Forms is that you can create content on your site based on the form entries. They could be blog posts, custom post types or even WordPress users. In our soccer scenario you could automatically create a user account for each player that signs up for the team.

Would any of these intake form features benefit your office staff? Would it help you stay more organized? Gravity Forms are included in our monthly WordPress Security and Performance maintenance plans and our developers are highly trained in customizing the forms. You can contact us with your project today.

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