A WordPress site that works for your office staff.

A lot of businesses think of their website purely as a marketing tool designed to attract customers and neglect another very important benefit – making your office staff happy. There are actually countless ways in which your WordPress site can help the efficiency of your back office. The most important is the ability to collect … Read more

What Should a Non-Profit Website Include: Best Practices for Charitable Organizations

What Should A Non-Profit Website Include?

There are lots of different kinds of sites. Ecommerce sites sell products online; they have shopping carts and checkout pages. Blogs and news sites have lots of posts and articles, and probably lots of display ads so they can earn some money from their readership. Business sites are going to have an “About Us” page with information about the company and contact forms so that potential clients can reach out online.

Using WordPress for donation, invoice, and event payments

Did you know you do not need to have an ecommerce site with an online store to collect payments from your customers? You might be a part of a charitable organization that just wants to collect donations, or a small business that would like to offer customers the ability to pay a bill online. Or you might be organizing an event and would like people to register and collect entry fees. All that is possible using your existing WordPress site without setting up an online store. Here are some simple steps to follow.

The WordPress Form: How can I build mine so that people actually use it?

Forms. They are the worker bees of the internet. They allow your visitors to communicate with you. They turn that computer screen into a conversation with you and your company instead of just a spectator event. So knowing what makes forms tick is important. This blog post is all about some of the more interesting … Read more

Nonprofit website, how may I improve thee?

Websites for nonprofits have some requirements that are similar to all other websites and some requirements that are unique. Some of the similar requirements are: A highly memorable look and feel. Lots of nonprofits that we work with spend a lot of time fleshing out an appropriate mission statement. This is important work, and I … Read more