Ensuring PCI Compliance: Essential Guide for Ecommerce Websites

How to Achieve PCI Compliance for Your Ecommerce Website The convenience of Ecommerce for both buyers and sellers is undeniable. However, the transmission of credit card data over the Internet introduces significant risks. To counteract these risks and protect against fraud, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) have been established. All Ecommerce sites … Read more

Structured Data, and Why Your Website Needs it

Structured data is a new tool for the search engine optimization web developer, and something that you absolutely need to be using in order to keep your site at the top of search engine results. There are three main kinds of structured data available for use: microdata, microformats, and RDFa. Since microdata is the structured … Read more

Enhancing Website Security for WordPress and Ecommerce Platforms

A state-of-the-art website equipped with cutting-edge SEO and functionality can be rendered useless if it falls victim to hackers. Such breaches not only create operational headaches but can also cause irreversible damage to your business’s reputation. This is particularly critical for ecommerce platforms, where a security compromise can result in losing customers permanently. Proactive Security … Read more

My Five Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and that means that there is a universe (more than 26,000 of them) of plugins developed for the platform. Here are five that we recommend to our clients and use often. Events Manager Events Manager is a full featured solution for managing events and … Read more

Responsive Web Design

With the rise of smartphones, mobile devices account for 15% of all internet traffic. There are many ways to go online, like desktops, smartphones, laptops, and iPads. All of these devices have different screen sizes, which need to be considered when designing a website. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards conformity is the #1 consideration … Read more

Nonprofit website, how may I improve thee?

Websites for nonprofits have some requirements that are similar to all other websites and some requirements that are unique. Some of the similar requirements are: A highly memorable look and feel. Lots of nonprofits that we work with spend a lot of time fleshing out an appropriate mission statement. This is important work, and I … Read more