GeneratePress: Templates With WordPress Blocks

WordPress is all-in on the block editor. There’s no going back. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of third-party editors like Elementor or WP Bakery, it has a few things going for it. Block data is encoded right into the post content, making block editor pages really fast. Data doesn’t get … Read more

WordPress Full Site Editing: The Future of WordPress

One of the last major visible updates to WordPress introduced Gutenberg, the new visual block editor. The growth of visual editing tools like Wix, SquareSpace, and Elementor highlighted the age and ineffectiveness of the default WYSWIG editor, and the WordPress team knew it had to adapt. Gutenberg will have it’s fifth birthday later this year, … Read more

Picking a WordPress Theme … In the Age of Gutenberg

This was going to just be a post about WordPress themes. We were going to talk about why you might want to pick one type of theme over another (and we’ll still get to that). But when you look into what is happening in the world of WordPress themes right now, you start seeing articles and posts with titles like this one: The End of WordPress Themes is in Sight. And that’s worth talking about. That headline might be a bit extreme, but there is definitely a change in the role themes play looming on the horizon.

Are WordPress Page Builder Plugins Worth the Trouble?

Are WordPress Page Builder Plugins Worth the Trouble?
Are WordPress Page Builder Plugins Worth the Trouble?
September 17, 2019morgan+WordPress0 Comments

We recently started a WordPress project with a client that wanted us to switch their site over to the popular Enfold theme. What we estimated to be a relatively simple theme implementation task soon turned into a full on content restructuring, requiring more time and energy than we initially envisioned. Why, you ask? Enter the sometimes-complex world of custom page-builder plugins.

Getting Rid Of Gutenberg: How to Revert to the Old WordPress Editor

How to Revert to the Old Wordpress Editor

WordPress 5 is the latest major update to the internet’s most popular content management system. It is perhaps the largest change WordPress users have ever had to deal with for one reason: the new block editor, Gutenberg.Gutenberg is WordPress’s attempt to compete with up-and-coming drag-and-drop website builders like Wix and SquareSpace. These tools let everyday users build websites from the front end, where you can immediately see each and every edit exactly as it appears to your visitors.

The Gutenberg Controversy – A New WordPress Editor

The WordPress Editor Controversy “I fear that we’re on the cusp of a disaster that will forever fragment the WordPress community and start the slow decline of WordPress as the content management system of choice.” –Scott Bowler Remember Gutenberg? It’s the new editor for WordPress, slated to be integrated into version 5.0 (currently 4.9.8). Gutenberg … Read more

Gutenberg: Big Changes are Coming to WordPress

The pending release of WordPress 5.0 will formally introduce the Gutenberg editor and, along with it, a new paradigm for WordPress users and developers. The countdown to version 5 is getting short (the current version as of this writing is 4.9.6). And since WordPress is the most popular website platform on the internet, there are … Read more