From Good Design to Great Design

Design on the web can seem to be changing at warp speed. Thankfully, we’ve moved beyond the worst of the worst of the beginning days of website design. But now that we’ve mostly filtered out the lowest common denominator, where do we go from here? What does stepping from good design to great design in your Wordpress site look like?

How Gestures are Changing User Experience Design

It wasn’t all that long ago that a WordPress site experience was ruled by the clicks of a mouse, but as time moves on, so does technology. Now a user’s experience of a site is highly shaped by the gestures of the swipe, pinch, and spread. Who would’ve thought? It’s easy to use these gestures everyday without thinking too much about it, so let’s take a quick look at what some of them are.

Designing for a Mobile Environment

Increasingly people are spending more and more of their time on their mobile devices and less time on their desktops. While the Wordpress desktop design is still important, mobile has become more of a priority than ever. So, let us take a dive into some of mobile design’s best practices.

UX Laws that can Improve Your WordPress Site’s Overall User Experience

As the world becomes more screen focused, the amount of energy put into crafting a smart and thoughtful user experience becomes more important. The overall User Experience (UX) is the design of the information organization and architecture, and the User Interface (UI) is the visual elements and design. There are many UX design principles that … Read more

Choosing the Best Website Layout Template for Your WordPress Project

The world of web design has become increasingly diverse. WordPress themes and plugins allow websites to change their layout and format with incredible ease compared to the web technologies of the past. The wide array of formatting options can be confusing when creating a new site, and often brings up several questions: What should my … Read more

Designing Smart Mobile Navigation with WordPress (or any platform)

In April of 2015, Google made a huge decision to boost rankings for mobile friendly web sites. This meant that web designers and developers everywhere had even more pressure to adopt mobile friendly design practices, so that their web site deployments would meet this requirement and thus improve their clients’ web presence. Watermelon Web Works … Read more

Meta Slider – The Most Flexible Slider Plugin for WordPress

Virtually every modern website nowadays features a rotating image section at the top of the site to highlight content or calls to action.  These content areas are referred to as sliders, and WordPress features a wide variety of plugins to manage the display and management of these important eye catchers.  We at Watermelon Web Works have had … Read more