WooCommerce Subscriptions and PayPal Standard Don’t Mix Well

We have been using WooCommerce Subscriptions on WordPress sites for quite some time. It has generally served our clients quite well and is relatively easy to implement, especially if you are already using WooCommerce. However, we have discovered some significant drawbacks to using the default PayPal payment option. You may want to reconsider using it when building a new WooCommerce Subscriptions site.

Protect your site with a Content Security Policy


Whether you have a simple WordPress blog or a highly-customized Magento Ecommerce site, security should always be a top concern. We have discussed various security tactics previously, but a recent development that has made a big impact in the web security world deserves further attention: Content Security Policies (CSP).

Manage Email Sending in WordPress using SMTP

Mail Sending

WordPress development is a complicated process. You are juggling themes, plugins, images, page content, forms, and possibly Ecommerce. With all this development going on it is easy to overlook something basic but very important: email sending. Today we will discuss how to improve your WordPress site’s email sending.

Migrating Away From Magento: A Case Study


Any Magento store owner knows that Magento is a very powerful and useful system. However, that power also comes with significant challenges, especially when compared to simpler platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. These challenges multiply when you use the Magento Cloud. With the expiration of Magento 1 support, many Magento store owners are scrambling to upgrade their sites to Magento 2. Unfortunately this is far from trivial and in our experience is almost always a very long and challenging task. It is understandable if a Magento store owner may be thinking about migrating from Magento.

Control WordPress Access Through User Roles

WordPress User Roles

Every WordPress website is packaged with the ability to control site access through the use of user roles. Most WordPress site owners fail to take full advantage of the power of user roles. Below are a few tips and suggestions for getting the most out of this surprisingly powerful feature.

WordPress Translation – Three Ways to Add Language Translation to your WordPress Site

language translation

Congratulations on launching your new WordPress site! After plenty of testing and quality assurance the launch was successful and you have plenty of happy customers. While you may think that your work is done, you have to take into account that your site is only reaching those people who happen to speak your native language. There is a good chance (particularly if you have an educational site) that you could significantly increase your customer base through language translation. There are many ways to do this, but we’ll describe three primary methods.

Pre-Launch Testing for WordPress: The Devil is in the Details


You have spent several months having an agency create a WordPress website for you, and it is almost time to launch. More than likely your eagerness is very high to get your fantastic site out to the public. Before you do so, it will serve you well to take the time to go over the site with a fine-tooth comb with a pre-launch testing procedure. It is much harder to correct any issues once the site is live. Below are some points to consider as you are about to launch.