WordPress Conference time – WordCamp 2014!

A couple of weeks ago Paul, Clint, and I attended WordCamp in San Fransisco.  WordCamps are held all over the world, but the annual one in San Fransisco is the big convention where WordPress experts and enthusiasts (okay, nerds) all get together to talk about new and exciting features of WordPress and the web in … Read more

If You Don’t Know What Google Analytics Is, You’ve Been Hiding Under A Rock

When I perform a Google Search for “Google Analytics”, I see that there are over 101,000,000 results. That’s nearly twice as many results for the term “apple pie” at 44,300,000! From this metrics-based observation, we can conclude that “Google Analytics” is an extremely active topic on the internet and if you’re reading this blog, you probably should … Read more

Why you need a Landing page and not just a Home page

Search engine optimization can be so tricky. If you’re trying to educate yourself, you will read lots of different things from different people. That’s why we share only SEO knowledge that we’ve gained through direct experience. Enhancing your website’s performance with a landing page falls into that category of search engine optimization. Instead of a … Read more

Magento vs WooCommerce

Note: this post has a more recent incarnation complete with our learning and new adventures with Magento vs. WooCommerce Magento vs WooCommerce? For many, the first important decision when building an e-commerce site is determining which platform to use. There are numerous platforms and services available, but from our experience (and we have a lot … Read more

Local SEO & Google Authorship: two must-use strategies

There’s an online marketing joke, “A SEO writer walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…” Fortunately, those days are almost over. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results with updates to their search algorithm. With each change, online marketers are forced to adapt their tactics. There are two … Read more

Better Business Through Blogging with WordPress: Why Your Business Needs a Blog

No matter what your business, having a blog on your website and actively blogging is one of the best things you can do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to help build your brand.  We love the flexibility and ease of implementation that WordPress offers as a blogging platform (did you know that you can … Read more

WordPress Website Security

In what seems like it should be viral marketing for the next James Bond movie, we’ve seen Heartbleed and Zero Day. The past couple of months have had some severe reminders that website security in general – and WordPress website security specifically for more than 19% of websites – is more important than ever. Earlier … Read more

Membership Websites

Question: We have a small membership that uses our website regularly. They currently pay us by sending in a check or credit card annually, and we process those payments as part of the membership. We have content that we’d like to make available to members only, and we see some possibilities for different levels of … Read more