Google’s Medic Update: What Is It and How Do I Recover?

Google Medic Update: What Is It and How Do I Recover?

Over the past few months, tons of search engine rankings have been shifting around significantly. Older sites that have ranked for a while are losing the top spots, and a lot of newcomers are showing up higher than one would expect. All of this is related to Google’s latest “Medic” update, one of the largest … Read more

PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on Your Website – How to Protect Your Customers

PII personally identifiable information

The security of personally identifiable information (PII) is an important and often overlooked consideration when gathering customer data through a web-based form. Understanding and managing personally identifiable information is getting a lot more focus in light of the recent GDPR laws coming into effect. PII is defined as: “Any information that permits the identity of … Read more

Building a Better Blog Post – Engage your Readers and Nurture your SEO

I’m a relatively new addition to the Watermelon Web Works team, and when they asked me to create blogging content, I was a bit under prepared. I’d never published content for a high end development company before! But I realized it was time to put my expertise down on paper (so to speak), and translate … Read more

Why and how to keep your WordPress website up to date

Keeping your WordPress website up to date is important for the security of your system, the compatibility of your software, and accessibility of your visitors. The benefits of an up to date website are numerous. A modern website with up to date software is less likely to experience hacking or spam. Older software is at … Read more