Why do WordPress Websites break?

If you own a WordPress website you might have experienced this frustration – a page that once loaded with no issues suddenly looks odd or a feature that worked just yesterday is gone or broken. Ideally, we would like everything to work all the time, but owning a website is a little like owning a … Read more

The importance of logging out

Remembering the login and password information and having to type it in every time you come to a website might be one of the most annoying features of the internet. There are many great tools to help you remember your many passwords, like lastpass.com for example. But once you have logged in you want your … Read more

Are homepage sliders still in style?

Having a homepage slider, sometimes called a slideshow or a carousel, was considered a “must have” for all “modern” websites in 2010’s. Catchy images, call to action buttons on each slide, fancy animation. Styles, fashion, and needs change. The big sliders are officially considered outdated. Here are the reasons why: Does your homepage include a … Read more

Why do WordPress websites get hacked? (part 2)

If you have not done so yet, please start by reading part 1 of this post so that you understand the motivations and techniques behind the attacks on your website. Now we are ready to discuss the various levels of protection you can surround your site with. All of these techniques address different aspects of … Read more

Why do WordPress websites get hacked? (part 1)

Hacking is a profitable business, illegal and profitable. Most business owners believe that the purpose of hacking a website is to steal information or money. Since they do not have anything valuable on the site, they feel like they are not the right target for an attacker. In reality, very few websites are subject to … Read more