What content should I put on my site?

Many business owners struggle to decide what content should go on their website. Especially if your business is done in a brick and mortar store or exclusively in person. Here is a basic framework that can help you decide what type of information would benefit your potential customers. You can think about it in terms of concentric circles and divide your potential visitors into three categories.

Committed customers

These are people who know about your business, have already decided to be your customers, and they just need some basic information to complete the sale – your physical location, opening hours, contact information, latest news updates, inventory updates, forms etc.

Potential customers

These are people who know about your business but are not sure if they want to become your customers. This group of visitors is not looking just for information, they need a heart string pulled to convince them that you are the one they are looking for. Content that is geared towards your potential customers includes images, testimonials, in depth description of the scope of services you offer, your company story, portfolio etc.


These are the people that have never heard of your company but are doing internet research on an issue that relates to your business. The type of content that attracts bystanders to your site is the most difficult and time consuming to create. Here you are casting a wide net thinking of questions or problems that your potential customers could encounter every day and provide them with relevant resources. These most likely will take the form of a blog. Like this blog page you are reading right now. 

Let’s say you are an owner of a hair salon. On your website you can include short articles on how to care for different types of hair, list your favorite hair products, put together updates on the latest fashion trends etc. This content will need to be continually updated and expanded upon and will constitute 50%-75% of your site content.

Why should you invest so much time in the “bystander” content? It serves two different purposes – if it is well written it might bring customers directly to your business which is the ultimate goal of your site. Even if your content is not earth shattering quality, it increases the digital footprint of your site which is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization. A larger site generates more traffic to your domain and gives you a better chance of improving your SEO score, ranking, and acquiring spontaneous backlinks.

Still not sure what to include on your site? Give us a call. The Watermelon experts can help you identify the best content for your specific business need.

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