Why is WordPress so popular?

You may have noticed that WordPress is powering so many modern websites (23% of all websites to be exact). WordPress can be found running independent blogs written by your neighbor, to notable brands like The New Yorker or BBC America. But why is WordPress so popular?

Easy To Use

WordPress is user friendly and intuitive for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert to manage a WordPress website, and that is the point! The skill level to begin using WordPress is very low. By lowering the intimidation of managing a website, WordPress has inspired more people to self publish than ever before.

The tools within WordPress are easy to use and clearly named. Most content editors look the same, whether it is a post, page, or product. WordPress keeps the interface consistent.

Developers Love It

WordPress is built to be customized. For developers like us, there is very little that we can’t achieve using WordPress. WordPress allows us to build detailed websites, with an easy to use interface, without limiting our code. What isn’t to love?

Plugins and Themes

WordPress can be extended with software that literally plugs in, and is ready to use. With so many plugins and themes, WordPress websites can achieve new styles and functionality at the click of a button. Software is written by other developers, made public using open source licenses, and integrates directly into any compatible WordPress website. What an efficient way to grow!

Grows With You

A lot of content management system’s value dwindle as your business grows, and your needs change. WordPress can grow with your business, and can adapt to meet emerging needs. This makes WordPress a worthy investment for a growing business. If the future of your website needs are uncertain, WordPress will be flexible.

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