You Might Need a New Website if …

  • You’ve never heard of a content management system or WordPress, and if running a storefront, the term ‘Magento‘ only makes you think of a 16 color box of crayons.
  • Your site takes up less than half the width on your desktop screen yet requires endless horizontal scrolling on your phone.
  • You haven’t updated it in 5 years, or even 3 years (yes, web technology and trends move at an incredibly fast pace).
  • You are using the dreaded ‘comic sans’ font.
  • It looks completely different on different modern browsers.
  • Your call to action items assume that your site visitor has never been on the web and is able to recognize a link only by the term ‘click here!’
  • You need to pay your developer hundreds of dollars to fix a simple typo.  In this day and age, you should be able to fix such things yourself via a content management system, and if you’d rather not, it should only take your developer 15 minutes.
  • It features an animated gif on the homepage.
  • You open up another browser tab to check your email while the home page is loading.  In other words, it takes a really long time to load.
  • You can’t find it on a Google search.  If you can’t find it, neither will your potential customers.
  • People aren’t contacting you or performing other intended calls to action from your site.
  • Internal pages have inconsistent formatting, layout, and branding, and worse yet, the site doesn’t match your current print or physical location branding.
  • You have trouble finding specific content when navigating it yourself.
  • You direct leads who otherwise seem very promising to your website, and routinely never hear from them again.

If any of the above situations apply to you and your organization, please let us know!  We can help.

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