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Website visits and WooCommerce customer engagement are without a doubt essential for your growing your business.  But blanket email blasts and re-marketing campaigns are only part of the solution. You can’t be certain your email blast will be relatable to every member of your segmented email marketing list.  Advertisement campaigns and user tracking help, but rely on getting just the right message or ad to display, and can have limited reach. This is why a more personal approach can often be beneficial.

Improve WooCommerce customer engagement by zooming in

No matter how successful your online WooCommerce store or WordPress content site performs, you can always benefit with improved customer engagement. You may have a superb mobile experience, great customer reviews and amazing sales, but are you emailing your customers after they purchase with targeted sales they may be interested in?  Do you let your audience know when you have posted new content? Do you want to keep your user base engaged with new site features?

WooCommerce Follow Ups can help with all of this, not to mention at an amazing price point. If you have done any research into email marketing, you will know it can be pretty expensive. But with Follow Ups you bring all the features of traditional email marketing into your website, and with some configuration you can be engaging with your users for a fraction of the price of major campaigns.  All the campaign tools you need can be configured from your dashboard.

The Power of Follow Ups in WooCommerce – or any E-commerce

The power of follow ups is in their personal touch.  If your customer makes a purchase, you can follow up with news and updates from that product line that they may be interested in.  You can automate Twitter messages to send updates to your social network followers when a new product has rolled out.

You can create campaigns and segment your WordPress users to send targeted emails about new content. You can automate sending coupons for different parts of your catalog based on whatever conditions you want to use. You can easily create your own Newsletter sign-ups and manage all subscriptions and opt-outs right from your admin dashboard.

A variety of campaign types are available like storewide messages, signups, subscriptions, points or rewards emails, even manual emails that make it simple to carry out a specific type of campaign.  Follow Ups incorporates with a huge variety of WooCommerce extensions like events, bookings, and subscription renewals.

Using Follow Ups Effectively in WooCommerce

If this tool sounds like it could bring you some real benefit from user engagement, we have a couple tips to get started.

  • Give your follow up a strong call to action.  Link directly to new products, new content, or a new feature in your follow up.
  • Encourage more conversions by offering post purchase promotions. A week or so after purchase, this promotion will remind your customer about where the product they received just came from, reinforcing your brand.
  • Encourage social media sharing by including social media links in your emails. This is a low effort move that provides a simple way for your users to engage your brand in their social sphere.

Follow Ups brings the power of more conventional and pricier email campaign management directly into your WordPress site. If you want the ability to deploy email campaigns at a reasonable price point with unlimited subscribers, Follow Ups is a very attractive solution.

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