Skutt: Corporate Website with Artistic Appeal

Skutt is legendary amongst ceramics and glass creative communities, and is one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers of high quality kilns and pottery wheels. They sought us out to update a ‘static’ website that had served them well for many years. We focused our enterprise web design efforts on organizing the valuable content that their customers had come to rely upon into a more easily accessible architecture that takes advantage of their business structure (three main business lines with multiple channels per line of business). The site adapts itself well to mobile devices and is optimized for fast load times and search engine friendliness. The new site has been a big hit with customers for its modern look and easy access to important customer data – Build-a-kiln, Build-a-spec, Parts Finder along with e-commerce, and a custom distributor locator that adapts to the customer’s geographic location.

Among other technologies, we adapted the WordPress content management system and many standard jQuery libraries.

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