Behavioral Health Group: Custom WordPress Multisite Redesign

Behavioral Health Group was one of Watermelon’s clients for a long time. We handled their initial site redesign several years ago. As time went on however, they decided they needed an updated look and feel. Our design team worked with BHG to create a completely redesign the website, incorporating a custom Google Maps integration to display the 50+ BHG treatment centers located around the nation. The design integrates the main website design with over fifty “microsites,” allowing for a seamless transition when users navigate to their preferred treatment center’s subdomain.

After completing the design, we created a custom page builder using the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This makes it simple for BHG’s team to add and edit content across the entire multisite network with ease. Creating new subdomain websites for a newly-acquired treatment center was an ordeal in the past; after the redesign, new microsites can be created and deployed in under an hour.

In the end, this client decided to consolidate their website and marketing efforts under a single vendor, but we parted on great terms and Watermelon went above and beyond to help facilitate BHG’s transfer to their new service provider.

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