Synchronize WordPress User Data

There are a lot of scenarios where you might find yourself wanting to synchronize¬†WordPress¬†user data with an outside source. You might have a database of employees and any time a change is made to their contact information or position in your organization, you’d like those changes to be applied to your company’s website. Or perhaps … Read more

Gutenberg: Big Changes are Coming to WordPress

The pending release of WordPress 5.0 will formally introduce the Gutenberg editor and, along with it, a new paradigm for WordPress users and developers. The countdown to version 5 is getting short (the current version as of this writing is 4.9.6). And since WordPress is the most popular website platform on the internet, there are … Read more

Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions with a Free Download

It seems like every site these days prompts you to sign up for an email newsletter. And it’s no surprise; a newsletter is a great way for you to communicate with your visitors and let them know the latest news, upcoming events, and new offers and promotions. But with so many opportunies online to sign … Read more