Five ways that we make it easy for you to be in complete control of your WordPress content

We most often develop websites to be easily updated by our non-technical clients. For example, an e-commerce store needs to be managed frequently to process orders and interact efficiently with customers. A website should be a tool to get a job done, and not a burden between you and getting this job done, and certainly not a reason to pay for something you or your staff can easily do yourself. By customizing WordPress, we provide unique and beautiful websites and management tools which enable businesses to conduct their online business with ease.

1. Widgets

Widgets are a simple way to add additional content. A greeting message on the home page, or a seasonal featured product in the sidebar would both make great widgets. We create widgets of all kinds that can be placed anywhere within a website. Each widget can be easily managed in the widgets editor from the WordPress back end, and has its own control panel to customize your content.

2. Menus

WordPress has great organizational tools, and one of my favorite is the menus editor. By selecting pages and posts, you can build menus, and assign locations to those menus within your website. We often add additional menu locations to websites to customize navigation. Those custom menu locations can be managed from the menus editor, where the links can be updated.

3. Page Templates

Some pages require different layouts. Home pages often have a unique layout. Some pages have sidebars, some don’t. Having the option to diversify your layout and content styles gives you more control. We make it easy to simply select the layout of choice while creating a new page. All of your custom templates will be built in to WordPress as template options. Selecting a template for a page is as simple as choosing an option from a drop-down list.

4. E-commerce Settings and Management Tools

Most commerce businesses have specific qualities and needs, like discounted shipping for products over $50, or the ability to print out shipping invoices for each order. By customizing e-commerce tools, we provide unique solutions built to simplify managing a business. Most needs have a solution which can be integrated directly into the website and the management tools, providing a simple solution to an important task.

5. WordPress back end

Not only do we develop websites, but we develop the tools which you can use to manage your website. WordPress comes with an intuitive and multi-featured back end which allows you to edit your website. We customize the WordPress back end to provide a unique work station to manage your specific website needs. A custom interface and personalized tools allows for quicker management and a more intuitive experience.

We use WordPress and other tools to develop websites that achieve important business goals. We empower our clients to do what they do best: grow and manage their wonderful businesses.


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