WordPress Project Management Excellence

Web Design Project Management

After your web development project is approved, we meticulously track each component in our primary project management system, Asana. This system acts as a development checklist, with specific project items assigned a predetermined number of hours.

Our Project Manager (PM) oversees the development process, working closely with the project lead—typically one of our most experienced developers assigned at the project’s outset. The PM is responsible for daily updates, maintaining open lines of communication with both team members and clients to clarify details and address any questions that arise during development.

All project communications occur via email through our Projects desk, where correspondence is stored and easily accessible. This setup ensures that all communication is organized and linked to specific team members, and prioritized according to the project needs.

You will also receive regular updates from our PM and Projects team. Expect monthly maintenance reports that include your site’s search engine status, updates on site health, insights into competitor activities, and recommended actions to enhance your website’s speed, searchability, and overall performance. These reports also address any issues identified during ongoing maintenance.

Learn more about our maintenance and SEO plans for WordPress projects. Our ultimate goal is to understand and align with your most significant business objectives, collaborating closely to achieve them. Our robust project management system ensures smooth operations and effective results.

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