Project Management at Watermelon Web Works

Web Design Project ManagementOnce your web development project has been signed off, each part of the project is entered and its status maintained in our primary project management system. Our main project management system is called Asana, and it is designed to manage specific project items with a set number of hours allocated to them – think of it as a development checklist.

The development process is coordinated by our Project Manager (PM), who collaborates with others here at Watermelon (mostly with the project lead, one of our more experienced developers who is assigned once the project commences). The PM manages the status of your project every working day by communicating with team members and clients. Communication typically entails clarifying details and answering any questions that arise during the course of development.

All correspondence with Watermelon takes place via email with our Projects desk and is stored there –  you can access all correspondence with us there at any time, where it is assigned to specific members of the team and expedited according to project priorities.

In addition to frequent updates from our PM and other members of our Projects team, you can expect monthly maintenance reports detailing the status of your site in search engines as well as updates on the health of your site and reports about what your competitors are up to. Each of our maintenance reports also contains our recommendations about actions to take on your site in order to further improve speed, searchability, and performance as well as to address any problems that we identify in the course of maintaining your site.

Please see more details about our maintenance and SEO plan for WordPress.

Our highest priority is identifying the most meaningful business goals for your site and collaborating with you to achieve them. Every action that we take on your behalf is a step in this direction, and having solid project management systems allows the web development engine here at Watermelon to hum smoothly and help you achieve great things.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.